About Us


Itas  Consulting is  a  dedicated  team  of  experienced  executives  who  understand  that  even  good  strategy will fail with bad execution, that's why we will stay with you through to successful implementation.    


Our   team   has   over   100   years   combined   experience   in   business,   meaning   we   know   the   key   elements   of   successful   business   while   also   understanding   change   is   a   constant   necessity   for   survival  in  business.      


We  have  direct  consulting  experience  in  mining,  sports, education,  water  resources,  health,  finance,   engineering,   manufacturing   and   building   backed   with   a   wealth   of   experience   in   researching,   developing  and  implementing  ideas  and  processes  for  positive  change.  


We  are  fully  qualified  in  all  areas  that  we  operate  including  Commerce,  Accounting,  Finance,   Teaching,  Training,  Law,  IT,  Sports  Coaching,  High  Performance  Management,  Strategy  and   Organisational  Psychology. 




We  gather  important  and  accurate  information  and  knowledge  about  your  business  in   a  range  of  areas, when  you  need  help,  we  can  assist.     


We  produce  relevant  research  and  easy  to  understand  reports  to  assist  in   understanding  your  business  and  the  market  within  which  it  operates.  


We  help  you  through  all  stages  of  research,  planning,  development  and   implementation.     


One  dedicated,  expert  consultant  for  each  project  to  ensure  drive  and  direction  backed   by  a  team  of  experts  to  support  and  challenge  the  project  to  guarantee  success.     


Our  direct  experience  as  Managing  Directors,  General  Managers  and  business  owners   means  we  understand  the  true  value  and  measure  of  success.     


With  our  commitment  to  ongoing  involvement,  we  are  results  driven  and  accountable because we're with you through to the project's completion.


Please give us a call on (07) 3041 1399.