Itas consultants are experienced executives who know what it takes for a project to succeed. One dedicated consultant will take care of your project from start to finish. He or she won’t consider the project successful until you are getting the results you were aiming for. 

Itas can help you in a wide range of areas: -


Meeting  facilitation  for  M & A's,  research,  planning,  development  and   delivery  support,  due  diligence  planning  and  management,   integration  planning  and  management,  review  of  competitive   landscape  and/or  market  analysis  to  identify  areas  of  opportunity,   strategy  execution  and  monitoring,  change  management. 


Funding  and  structure  reviews,  economic  and  financial  analysis,   budgeting  and  forecasting,  balance  sheet  reviews,  banking  due-­‐ diligence  and  reports,  banking  cost  analysis,  facilities  negotiations,   counter-­‐party  reviews  and  benchmarking. 

Human Capital

Organisational  structure  review,  HR  and  cultural  audits,  staffing   analysis,  employee,  team  and  organisational  surveys,  employee   engagement  and  executive  profile  assessment.  Coaching  and  use  of   reputable  educational  institutions  from  certificate  to  diploma  level   to  foster  key  staff.  Development  and  implementation  of  systems  to   assist  in  recruitment,  remuneration  packaging,  STI␣s  and  LTI's,   performance  appraisal  and  development,  talent  management,   leadership  assessment  and  development  and  team  building. 


Reviewing  and  analysis  of  IT  and  IS  capability  and  supportive   function  of  business  processes,  analysis  of  systems  capability  and   interfacing  in  M & A's,  project  management  of  ERP  systems   implementation,  IT  and  IS  portfolio  analysis  for  increased   productivity  and  competition  capability.